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We are a premier German language institute in India with qualified native and Indian German teachers to provide an opportunity to learn and improve the knowledge of German language in Bangalore, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Patna, Ahmedabad. We are in the process of expanding to the other cities of India.. The courses offered by us follow an international curriculum and adhere to the CEFR guidelines (Common European Framework for References)….

Why learn German?

Learning any language is a fun and exciting journey, meant to be taken with enthusiastic tutors, excited peers and engaging content. With so many courses available and why invest in ……

Why Us?

Our institute is focused purely on teaching German – not only as a language but as a culture and a lifestyle. collaborate with the best tutors and trainers ……

Preparing for Success

We prepare you to pass any international exam with lots of model papers, advice from our trainers about….

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Beginner Courses

The A1 & A2 beginner courses equip you to handle most everyday expressions like those needed to express daily routines.


Intermediate Courses

The intermediate courses B1 & B2 aim to develop your skills further with more challenging assignments, content, and expression- you have delved deep into the world of German and exciting new elements of the language await you!


B1 German course


Advanced Courses

The Advanced courses equip you to handle any situation in your professional, academic and conversational requirements. At the C1 level, students are well-versed in complex grammatical structures, colloquial expressions and advanced vocabulary related to various sectors. German C1 course


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A1 Beginner Read More

A1 Beginner

A2- Elementary Read More
B1.1 – Intermediate Read More
B1.2 – Intermediate Read More

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