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Who We Are

We are a premier German language institute in India with qualified native and Indian German teachers to provide an opportunity to learn and improve the knowledge of German language in Bangalore, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Patna, Ahmedabad. We are in the process of expanding to the other cities of India.. The courses offered by us follow an international curriculum and adhere to the CEFR guidelines (Common European Framework for References). The examinations and syllabus followed by us have worldwide acceptance which help our students in applying for education in foreign universities or employment in any company across the globe. Our internal assessments and regular tests also adhere to these guidelines which helps us in ensuring the quality of education and services offered by us. As an institute which teaches only German, our aim is to distinguish and create a niche for German in India.

Our unique courses not only encourage the students to learn the language in a short span of time but also develop them into confident professionals able to communicate and express themselves at a global platform. We take into account the Indian mind set, social and linguistic background and relate to their learning style by giving relevant examples which facilitate easy, fast and fun learning.

The Importance of German in Today’s World

As one of the important languages for communication at an international level, German offers lot of job opportunities to its learners. The demand for German language professionals in various industries is immense with qualified translators and interpreters  playing a major role in the global business and international relations.

We are a dedicated institute by Indian and native German language specialists working for promotion of German language, literature, culture and civilization, we want to create the same passion among the learners. We encourage a serious study of German not only as a language, but the culture and civilization of the German speaking world, their history and art.

Our Teaching Method

    • Each student is given individual attention to make him/her comfortable in the learning process.
    • Students can learn at their own pace and the courses are customized according to their requirement.
    • Classes in small groups (Group of 8-10 Students).
    • Professional teaching materials including audio and video lessons for listening comprehension.
    • We also teach German culture, history and civilization for better understanding of the language.
    • Monitor progress through regular tests.

Our  Dedication

We are a dedicated institute with Indian and native German experts, professionals, university teachers and language specialists working to promote German language, literature, culture and civilization. We want to create the same passion among the learners.

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