To state it very precisely, my inclination towards language is from the school itself but when I started learning German, I got to experience more about Germany
and German culture and even got a chance to interact with natives. This gave me further motivation to experience more about this language and then I got myself enrolled in Masters in German studies where I studied more about history of Germany and literature and other fields like translation. My 7 years of commitment to this language have given me immense knowledge and ability to acquire a new language and moreover that never stops me from learning more, as I further opted for Teachers Training to be able to share my knowledge and experience with my students.

Also, during this time, I had the wonderful experience of travelling to Germany and had the opportunity to know more about them and their culture. One can
have multiple options to pursue one’s career as in Academics or working as translator and interpreter or to work in any MNC. Personally, I opted for academics to which I am proud of being today a German trainer and sharing my knowledge and experience further.

Megha Arora