Hallo Leute!

I am Dr.Charitha Gade and I would like to share my journey with the German language. Growing up as a kid who watched French shows with subtitles that barely made any sense, it’s no surprise I grew up to be a polyglot. Even though Medicine is my profession, learning languages has been my passion for long. Like most Indians I’ve perfected English, Hindi and my regional language by the time I was done with schooling. But that was never enough.

Luckily, moving to Europe at the age of seventeen widened my horizons and I ended up learning Russian and Ukrainian. But my real love for languages started with German. As fascinating as the language was, the opportunities Germany offered were even better. I’ve never realized how much boost a CV/ resume gets, once you add a language skill at a professional level.

Learning German wasn’t exactly a piece of cake but it wasn’t unfathomable either. It requires a certain amount of dedication and self discipline. Once you get a hang of the process you see how fun it is. Watching new shows, listening to new music, making new friends, made my experience so much more enjoyable. It took me a little less than a year to go from null to C1 level. It was one of the best choices I’ve made in my life in regard to professional advances.

Fast forward to four and a half  years later, three of which I’ve been teaching and translating, I couldn’t be more thankful to the day I decided to learn German.