A1-A2 (Discounted New)

32450 (Incusive of 18% GST)

Your introduction to German begins with basic vocabulary for various everyday situations in the A1 German course. You will be trained to use and understand the present tense and associated grammar, pronounce words correctly and use essential expressions and salutations. The A2 Elementary Level German course develops vocabulary, expression, and sentence structuring further. This session includes vocabulary like personal and family information, shopping, local geography, and employment, enabling students to thrive in conversations with peers, tutors & native speakers The combined A1&A2 German course offers you a DISCOUNT on the A1 & A2 Courses! If you register for both courses together, you receive a DISCOUNT ON EACH level and the material is free! Syllabus : The course follows the CEFR framework and students are trained to be able to take the GOETHE ZERTIFIKAT exams. Competencies Taught : Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking & Grammar