A1 German reading comprehension practice!

Hey Folks,

We have complied a bunch of resources to help you read at the A1 level, understand German grammar  in context and improve your vocabulary.  The resources are a mix of short German reading comprehension passages, stories and articles about various topics.


 Click on the link below 

German Reading: German Texts for Beginners (lingua.com)

Short articles about various topics at the A1,A2, B1 and B2 levels.

The German Project

Short stories written in Present tense, with English versions to help you understand the tense, gender of nouns and vocabulary!

Amira – Kostenfreies Leseförderprogramm in 8 Sprachen (amira-pisakids.de)

Beautiful picture books at different levels of reading to help improve your German. Great place to start for A1 level.

Startseite – Nachrichtenleicht Startseite | nachrichtenleicht.de

News in easy German. For those of you who are looking to stay current with the German speaking world, this is a great source of German news articles in easy, simple language with short phrasing and lots of vocabulary.

The news article is accompanied by short audios as well to develop your listening skills.