1. What are the courses available at the Institute of German Studies?

The Institute of German Studies follows the CEFR Standard of training students in the German language. We prepare our students to read, write, speak, listen and learn the grammar of the language across the various levels – A1 – B2. The course is designed to prepare them to write certification exams should they require to do so.

The levels followed at the Institute of German Studies are:

1.A1 (Beginner)

2.A2.1 & A2.2 (Elementary, to be taken after A1)

3.B1.1 & B1.2 (Intermediate, to be taken after A2)

4.B2.1 & B2.2(Intermediate, to be taken after B1)

5.C1.1 & C1.2(Advanced, to be taken after B2)

The courses offered by the Institute are as follows:

1.Fast Track courses – There courses are offered to students at the A1, A2 or B1 levels and take between one month and two months to complete. They are offered early mornings or late evenings on weekdays to accommodate student schedules and working professionals.

2. Intensive courses – Intensive courses are offered on weekdays (Mon-Fri_ or Weekends(Sat-Sun) and are of duration three hours per day. These courses take longer to complete(between one and a half to four months).

3.Online courses – We offer customized online classes to students who cannot attend classes at the institute.

4.German for Young Learners – We consider students up to the age of 16 years young learners and offer a special course to such students at the Institute premises.

5. Employment Oriented Course – This course is designed for students looking to study right up to the B2 level. We offer massive discounts to students studying the Employment Oriented course.

2.Is the course certified ? Do universities accept our certificate?

Yes, the course is certified. At the end of the course you will receive a certificate with your scores according to your performance in the Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking and Grammar competencies.

Our certificate is accepted by German Universities. In cases to the contrary you will have to check with the University you are applying to about specific requirements.

3.Do we provide placements or placement assistance after the course?

We do not currently provide placements or placement assistance. However we receive many calls from companies and recruiting agencies asking for qualified candidates. We notify our students of any requirements in companies and give them the relevant details so that they can apply for the position.

4.What are the other services we offer with the German Language?

Apart from training students in the German language, we also provide translation, interpretation and subtitling services.  We receive many translation requests for financial, legal, medical & travel documents including bank documents, visa applications, police clearance certificates and more.

We also offer training at Corporate organizations for professionals who require German language for their projects. Our trainers come to your premises to deliver the training. The training is customized to meet the organization’s German learning goals.