Communication with the Institute:

  •  We prefer communication by E-mail. Should you prefer to place a call, we are available between 9:30 AM and 7:30 PM on Weekdays & Saturdays.
  • All communication is by email or whatsapp or phone calls based on the information given in the registration form. In case there is any change in your telephone number or E-mail Id, kindly let us know (preferably by mail).

Classes, communication to the trainer, Rescheduling & Cancelling classes.

  • We create a whatsapp group for you that includes your batchmates, the trainer and the institute.Please use this group to share notes and other media related to your course. This group can also be used to inform the trainer/students of any sudden rescheduling of classes or cancellations. Please note that the institute does not honour any private communications made between the students and trainer outside the group.
  • Teachers are not obliged to answer any student queries outside of the working hours of the institute previously stated
  • Please note that classes can be canceled or rescheduled in cases of emergency only.Trainers and students must inform the institute of any prior vacation plans or travel plans before the batch
  • If a student does not attend class, he or she will not be compensated by the trainer or the institute for that class unless the institute has been informed of the leave in advance and authorizes a make-up class(charged at Rs.750/- per hour) after a discussion with the trainer. This applies even to one-one classes. It is at the discretion of the institute to provide compensatory classes (based on student’s previous attendance record).
  • If a trainer cancels class, he or she is obliged to provide a compensatory class at a later date. The students and trainer must inform the institute of the proposed date for compensatory class to ensure classroom
  • You are allowed to attend classes only in the batch which you have registered.

Fees payable, batch transfer and refunds.

  • Fees paid to join a particular batch is non-refundable and non-transferable. If a student leaves a batch in between, and has a valid reason (health, travel, job change etc.) the institute will try to accommodate him/her in some other batch. This could be done only within 6 months of his/her joining date. No request will be entertained once the six month period is over. If the student has missed more than three classes and requests to be moved to another batch, we will charge a batch transfer fee of Rs.2000/-.
  • If you are not satisfied with the teaching methodology, the trainer’s technique or any other aspect of the tutoring, you may inform the institute within 3 days of starting the course. We will participate in a review process with you to understand the challenge in learning with a particular tutor. In cases we deem valid, we will assist with you switching to another batch so you can continue your studies. Fees once paid are non-refundable.
  • Should the institute decide to refund the amount in special circumstances, the refunded fee will factor in the number of classes taken by the student and the tax portion of the fee. The amount refunded will be a quantity after the aforementioned deductions.
  • We are not responsible for payments made via third party gateways. In case of any issues with the payment via a gateway please contact your bank or the company representatives of the gateway directly.
  • We need a minimum of 3 students to start a batch. Should this number not be met, you will have to wait 10 days from the expected date of commencement of the batch before we decide on a course of action w.r.t the batch.

Attendance & Examinations:

  • Minimum 60% attendance is required for appearing for the final examination. It is compulsory to appear for the mid-term examination for attending the post mid-term
  • In case a student is absent on the scheduled date of the Examination, he/she may re-appear for the examination. A penalty of Rs.600 would be charged if  a re-exam has to be scheduled for the student.

Demeanour and attitude :

  • The institute expects you to help us to maintain a cordial and responsible attitude during your presence in the classroom, in all student-trainer-institute interactions in the classroom, institute premises, on whatsapp, facebook or other social media platforms.
  • Should a student be found guilty of inappropriate behaviour, the institute reserves the right to cancel his/her admission without a refund.

Should you require any assistance during your presence at the institute, we will be happy to assist you in anyway we can.